This guide is intended to establish my expectations of the leaders with whom I work so we create a great working relationship together. Part of this is having a better understanding of what matters to me.  This is meant to provide you a high-level overview of key behaviors I see in those most successful in working with me.  


  1. Demonstrate passionate business ownership:  A visible business-owner mindset counts for a lot with me.  We’re here to make things happen
  2. Growth Mindset, Personally & Professionally:  Develop deep self-awareness and self-actualization; do not allow yourself to be powerless
  3. Diversity in Thought & Action: I’m autistic. I see the world (very) differently than you. I do not expect you to always agree with me; come with well-informed opinions of your own.
  4. Trust: I tend to give trust freely, but if lost it’s hard to regain.
    1. Don’t surprise me.  Keep me up-to-date on your area.  Err on the side of over-communicating.
    2. Don’t count on me to “sense” when something is wrong.  If it’s bothering you, share. I cannot address what I don’t know about.

Other Key Thoughts

Accountability & Leadership


Growth Mindset

Personal Life & Development

Books That Inspire Me