Hello, I am

I am many things. I’m a technologist and technology leader.  I’m also autistic, an artist, and a photographer.  

But mostly, I’m just Ward.

Technical Advisor & Technology Executive

I bring heart to technology

I’ve been working as a technology leader for over two decades for companies including Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, Varsity Tutors, and now RealSelf amongst others.

Since 2015, I’ve worked remotely as a technology executive from central Washington state.

I’m a technologist in the broadest sense. I’ve worked nearly every job within my organizations from data scientist to software developer to UX designer to product manager and aerospace engineer.

My focus as a leader is to create high-performing teams through a culture deeply rooted in understanding the psychological factors that yield results.  In a word: psychological safety.  I empower my people to step into the unknown, feel encouraged to fail, and through this process learn.

It’s a continual process that produces exponential results and innovation.

Explore my philosophies

I often quip that the "T" in CTO stands for therapy, not technology; in so much that much of my responsibility is to promote collaboration amongst everyone in my organization and throughout the company.

Since 2015 I worked remotely as a technology leader. In that time I've built teams from scratch to growing them to span the globe with 100s of people.

I've a lifetime starting with my father learning about lean. I've worked as a Japanese interpreter with Shingijutsu, world leaders in lean consulting. And I've an early adopter of the agile manifesto. I know lean.

I have experience spanning multiple industry sectors from aerospace to retail to entertainment to education and now medical, which gives me a very broad view of adopting technology.

I've worked on every scale of growth from idea generation to scrappy startup right up to world-class enterprise, providing a unique vantage on how not only address each stage of growth, but navigate the transitions.


Areas of Expertise

How I Advise

Product Strategy

Establish critical path for strategic product-market fit

Customer Experience

Working back from the customer, ensure unmet needs are satisfied

Technical Architecture

Facilitate multi-year vision to scale from scrappy monolithic system to enterprise-grade services-oriented archiecture

People Development

From recruiting pipeline to organization development to career leveling and calibration, I help you create a culture that people crave

I’m available for both short-term and longer-term engagements.

I currently consult with a broad spectrum of companies from pre-raise straight through Series-raise and beyond.

Engagements include cooperating with the CEO and head of engineering or product to advise on technology roadmap, strategic product roadmap, organizational development, and infrastructure and architecture.

My Focus

Technology is more than technology itself.  Technology is fundamentally about solving human problems.  Without our solutions being deeply rooted in the people who create and maintain it, we will fail to innovate.


Culture FIRST 95%
Psychological Safety 90%
Growth MINDSET 95%